SP-3248V SpeedCamTrailer-Mounted Speed, Licence Plate and Photo Logging Camera System

Ver-Mac’s SP-3248V SpeedCam system is designed to automatically capture a picture of a speeding vehicle, along with its speed and license plate number. Combined with Ver-Mac’s speed awareness trailer and Ver-Mac’s SpeedLog software, the SpeedCam is a cost-effective alternative to other automated license plate recognition (ALPR) systems. The SP-3248V SpeedCam is the ideal speed enforcement tool for mining, oil, utility and many other private applications that have recurrent speeding problems.
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  • High-End Traffic Calming Device – Get all the benefits of our standard speed feedback signs, plus the camera and software to capture and manage recurrent speeding vehicles.)
  • Speedlog Software – Simple-to-use web interface that allows you to capture pictures, license plates and speeds.
  • Point-And-Go Setup – With automatic discovery and native in-browser streaming, setting up a traffic enforcement camera has never been simpler. Simply point at the road and use the visual cues from your tablet or smartphone to confirm correct aiming.
  • Two Lane Coverage – When mounted at the side of a roadway, a single SpeedCam can record vehicles from two adjacent lanes, and can track vehicles at speeds ranging between 6 and 99 mph (10 - 160 km/h) in both directions
  • Self-Contained – SpeedCam units include two camera sensors, an Infrared illuminator, and a dual-core processor. Ver-Mac’s exclusive on-board algorithms track vehicle license plates to accurately compute vehicle speeds and to count traffic flow.


  • SOLAR PANELS – Provide maximum solar recharging during all four seasons. 
  • SOLAR REGULATOR - Protects the batteries from overcharging
  • The standard battery/solar configuration is designed to run 12 months in most regions without manual charging.


  • POWDER COATING SUPERIOR FINISH – Impact, humidity, salt spray and rust resistant 
  • 4 LEVELING JACKS – For stabilization and easy transportation
  • BOLT-ON TONGUE – Saves space for storage
  • MANUAL LIFT MECHANISM – For quick deployment 
  • PLASTIC BATTERY BOX – To minimize battery corrosion 
  • HEAVY-DUTY PLASTIC FENDERS – For durability and easy replacement
  • 2-IN. (51 MM) COUPLER OR 3-IN. (76 MM) PINTLE EYE – For easy towing


  • Speed display panel: 32 x 35 in (810 x 889 mm)
  • Full-Matrix display
  • Speed display: 2 digits (mp/h)
  • Ability to display feedback messages
  • 1 LED per pixel
  • Rotates 360 degrees for perfect setting 
  • Plug & play display modules for simplified maintenance
  • Automatic brightness adjustment


  • Overall length: 132 in. (3344 mm)
  • Overall width: 70 in. (1790 mm) 
  • Operating height: 136 in. (3462 mm) 
  • Travelling height: 100 in. (2538 mm) 


  • Battery charger
  • Data logger
  • Modem with GPS
  • Data plan (requires modem)
  • Stealth technology


  • 1-year warranty on complete units
  • 2-year warranty on electronic components manufactured by Ver-Mac