TM-3812Truck-Mounted Message Sign

Ver-Mac‘s TM-3812 is a full-matrix truck-mounted message sign with 27 x 48 pixels. It can display 3 lines of 8 characters (5 x 7 pixels, or 12 in.) per line. The TM-3812 is powered by the truck’s battery and offers full graphic capabilities including several one-touch buttons to quickly activate messages or arrows. The TM-3812 features the innovative power tilt support with a one touch auto Up/Down feature, and the V-Touch Controller that plugs into the cigarette lighter.
This truck-mounted message sign is ideal for highway construction and maintenance crews, highway striping trucks, highway emergencies and helper trucks.


  • EASY-TO-READ - 7-inch (178 mm) color LCD touchscreen
  • USER-FRIENDLY - Icon-based touch menu items
  • TIME-SAVING - Create your own library of messages
  • FULLY-INTEGRATED CELLULAR 4G LTE MODEM - 10-year fleet cell service
  • GPS READY - Track the location of your truck on a map and see if your sign has active messages
  • FULL LOGGING CAPABILITIES - Keep a log of what was displayed and where
  • SIMPLE TO OPERATE - The intuitive point-and-go icons make it quick and easy to raise or lower the sign, and to display and edit messages
  • ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONALITIES - Sign diagnostics, PIN-protected security, and much more
  • QUICKLY DISPLAY SAVED MESSAGES - Save up to five messages or arrow patterns for quick deployment to the message board
  • WIRELESS V-TOUCH CONTROLLER - The wireless V-Touch Controller makes installation quick and easy. Simply connect the controller to the cigarette lighter socket and you are ready to go!


The Auto Up/Down feature ensures that the sign is in the display position when in use and in the travel position when the unit is off, preventing damage and reducing wind drag.
  • Display a message and the sign automatically raises to the display position
  • Select off and the sign automatically lowers to the travel position
  • Automatically detects the upright position - clear indicator on the display shows if the sign is in the up or down position
  • Bed floor mounting can be added (optional)



  • Display panel: 50 1/4 x 89 1/2 in.(1276 x 2273 mm)
  • Full matrix of 27 x 48 pixels
  • 4 LED per pixel
  • 3 lines of 8 characters (5 x 7 pixels (12 in.)) per line
  • Up to 11 characters per line (3x7 font)
  • Plug-and-play display modules for simplified maintenance


  • Operating height: 135 1/4 in. (3435 mm)
  • Operating width (including rack & engine): 95 3/16 in. (2418 mm)
  • Operating length: 35 in. (889 mm)
  • Traveling height: 95.75 in. (2432 mm)
  • Traveling width: 95 3/16 in. (2418 mm)
  • Weight (approx.): 75 kg (165 lbs)
  • Support weight (approx.): 70.31 kg (155 lbs)


  • Real-time integration into Waze
  • Bed rail
  • 96” wide frame
Other options are available to meet your needs.
Contact us for more information.


  • 1 year on the complete unit
  • 2 years on electronic components manufactured by Ver-Mac