Watch Tower Guardian Mobile Security/Surveillance & Deterrence System

Ver-Mac’s GUARDIAN is a Mobile Solar Video Surveillance and Deterrence System that provides off the grid, 24/7 monitoring, without the need of on-site staff. Our cutting-edge VideoGuard surveillance technology allows to automatically detect, deter and alert. Built to last, this eco-friendly unit is 100% powered by solar panels & rechargeable batteries and can operate operate up to a year using only renewable energy. Our system is the perfect solution to help prevent theft and vandalism for your temporary or long term site where electricity is not available.
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  • Two thermal cameras automatically DETECT unauthorized humans or vehicles within predefined zones. Nobody is required on site.
  • Axis P5624-E PTZ camera zooms into intrusion zone and begins recording.
  • Instantaneously the blue Ver-Mac LED strobe lights and Axis C3003E speaker will activate, broadcast preset warning messages and DETER intruders from area.
  • The software system simultaneously ALERTS security managers of intrusion via text or email and sends live footage from the Guardian cameras.
* The alert provides live video feed of thermal and PTZ cameras and provides real-time communication through the two-way speaker.


  • Cellular
  • Using the latest low bandwith encoders


  • Cloud archiving technology allows for storage and playback without traditional DVR/NVR technologies.


  • Operating height: 308 in. (7821 mm)
  • Operating length: 107 in. (2723 mm)
  • Operating width: 104 in. (2634 mm)
  • Travelling length: 128 in. (3244 mm)
  • Travelling width: 82 in. (2075 mm)
  • Travelling height: 108 in. (2741 mm)


  • 25.5 feet mast painted in white
  • Solar array: 450 watts (60° Tilt and 320° Rotation)
  • Batteries: 11280 watts wired in 24 volts DC system
  • Manual winch mechanism
  • Foldable & lockable tongue
  • 4 outriggers for stabilization
  • Secure battery boxes


  • 1-year warranty on complete trailers
  • 2-year warranty on electronic components manufactured by Ver-Mac