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April 19, 2021

Critical safety and maintenance for welds when shifting from cold to high seasons

The welding on your units keeps the frame together and provides critical support during transport and operation. To avoid significant damage to your equipment’s welding, always properly close your units prior to transport. Weakened or damaged welds carry severe risk of falling masts and signs, as well as trailers detaching en route and causing an accident.

It is essential that you check the welding on your equipment for the following FOUR ISSUES every time you are preparing to deploy. Contact support immediately to address any problems with your welds prior to deploying.

1. Check for bulges and bends in welded pieces. This is a sign that the welds are giving way.

bulges and bends     bulges and bends

2. Look for any signs of rust or cracks in the welds at the base of the mast.

base of the mast

3. Inspect the welding around the pole between the trailer and the hitch for rust or cracks.

Around the pole

4. Make sure there are no rust or cracks in the welding on the outriggers.

outriggers    outrigger

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