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April 19, 2021

Critical safety and maintenance for pins when shifting from cold to high seasons

Pins keep the various parts of your unit securely in place. They keep your signs from falling or pivoting dangerously in high winds. Particularly in cold weather months, you need to make sure your pins are in good working condition and fully engaged at all times.

It is essential that you check your equipment’s pins for the following FOUR ISSUES every time you are preparing to deploy.

1. Check for missing pins in the mast, brake, jacks, and outriggers.

Missing pins

2. Make sure there are no bent pins in the mast, brake, jacks, or outriggers.

bent pins

3. Make sure pins are properly engaged. You should hear a click when the pin engages.

pins engaged

4. If a sign is stuck, never remove any supporting pins. Make sure that the sign is braced before removing the pins. Regardless of whether or not the sign is stuck, never position yourself beneath it when removing pins.



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